Project Description

Coeur d’Alene arborist Ben Larson had a busy tree service that kept his hands full during working hours. He had a strong Facebook page with lots of positive reviews, but knew he needed to upgrade his website into something fitting a more established business. We started with what Ben had available–some written content, photos from interesting jobs, his logo, and his favorite colors–and created a new website design that presented his business in a complete and professional way.

Content design: We took his written content, reflecting his skill and knowledge as a certified arborist, and organized and edited it for the web, creating pages and categories that customers most needed and rewriting everything to be consistent with web writing best practices and SEO considerations.

Graphic design: We created and implemented custom page designs for the home page and internal pages, using a combination of personal and stock photography. At Ben’s request, we made some updates and adjustments to his logo and designed a consistent color scheme throughout.

WordPress website development: With the written content and site design, we created a fully customized WordPress site, including functionality such as a contact form. We also captured and displayed all those positive reviews from Facebook.

Accessibility: We planned and tested the website design and functionality for full accessibility, so it can be used effectively with a screen reader and keyboard navigation. We designed every color combination to read with colorblindness and to meet WCAG AAA standards.

SEO, social media integration, and Google Business listing: With strong on-page SEO and well-researched keywords, Ben’s website was immediately findable after launch. But now that we’ve updated his Google Business Listing and Facebook integration, his site consistently ranks on the top of the first page of search results, even for the general terms that a new potential customer might use.